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Workshop 'A region without borders'

  • Luleå

On 26-27 September, thirty healthcare professionals and representatives for the Saami parliament from northern Norway, Sweden and Finland, will gather in Luleå to discuss how good quality healthcare can be safeguarded and developed in rural areas and border regions?

Care providers in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland have a long tradition of cross-border collaboration and a joint task to improve the population's health and the quality of medical care. At the same time we are facing the same challenges such as demographic changes and an ageing population especially in in rural areas. Staff is often recruited with difficulty.

The steering committee for Northern Health Across borders is composed of directors from the participating healthcare authorities and the workshop is arranged on their initiative. The plenary sessions and workshops are documented, with the result being fed back to the steering committee.

Examples of issues to be raised are

  • Cross-border collaboration
  • Distance-spanning technologies
  • Competence maintenance


Date and time: