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10-year Anniversary Conference

  • By: veronika.m.olsson

For the past 10 years the healthcare organisations in northern Norway, Sweden and Finland have coope­rated on a management level to develop cooperation in different areas. The Steering committee of the cooperation Northern Health Across borders is composed of Chief Executive Officers and Medical directors from the participating healthcare authorities.

To celebrate the anniversary of the cooperation the Steering committee and their management groups met in Rovaniemi, Finland on 9-10 April 2019. Over thirty managers were brought together to discuss the future development of cross-border cooperation focusing on digital transformation of healthcare. The participants enjoyed the chance to meet professionals from neighbouring Nordic countries, the opportunity to network, to learn from one another and the chance to explore ideas.

The results of the workshops will be taken into account by the Steering committee when planning future activities.


NHAB Rovaniemi 190404

Common challenges and opportunities –
why do we need to cooperate


The Swedish Healthcare system

This is Health Village

Seppo Lehto, M.D

Digitalization as both opportunity and challenge - where are we heading in the world of healthcare?

Virtual care examples Region Norrbotten

Workshop plan Rovaniemi 20190410